Corporate snow removal services

    Bob Cultrona Landscaping is a full service company offering one call shopping for all of your commercial snow plowing needs.

    Snow Removal Services

    Weather in our area can be so unpredictable!  Winters here can be brutal.  It’s a fact with any city in the northern half of our nation. Lake effect snowfall can put a damper on anyone’s day. Winter commutes are terrible.  We used to get long stretches of snow and a lot of sub-zero, windy, horrible months. Now, it’s not as bad.  We joke about “If you don’t like the weather, wait for 15 minutes, it’ll change.”

    One thing you can count on, is that Bob Cultrona Landscaping will take care of your needs. We offer contracts suited specifically to your business.  Here is a list of the services we offer –

    • Seasonal contracts built to fit the need of individual customers billed in monthly installments
    • Per Push contracts billed upon completion

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Bob Cultrona Landscaping is available to snow and salt whenever the customer needs it or requests it. If a customer’s business is not open on the weekend but there is a snowstorm on Saturday or Sunday, depending on how much snow has fallen, we may plow on Saturday, Sunday or early Monday to ensure the area is clear for the customer before the start of business.

    Bob Cultrona Landscaping is available for repeat service throughout the day to ensure the customers businesses are taken care per the contracts.

    Bob Cultrona Landscaping can specifically suit our contracts to what each business needs.

    Additional Services offered

    • Salt delivered
    • Hand shoveling
    • Safe Salt for walkways
    • Option of 2 or 3-year contracts